The Eternal Quest

And here I lie
Trapped in ethereal waters
Of joy and sorrow,
Of ecstasy and pain,
Of life and death!

With a will to live
Yet with a sinking conscience
I long for that swift way out,
From both happiness and misery,
Either through spirit of life or in death’s arms!

A mind that believes in what it has,
A heart that longs for the unknown,
A body caught in this endless tussle,
A soul tormented for infinity,
A solution is all that they long for!

With a new world beckoning
Unable to let go off the one I know of
I hang around hoping
That a divine presence
Persists on either surface!

Is it just me or is it human nature?
To question the veritable,
To judge whilst in inadequacy,
To grope for answers to questions unknown!
The eternal quest for peace continues…

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