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Thank You Note

One of my first mentors told me once that “the reward for good work is more work“! I dismissed her words, of course, as soft coercion. It can’t be great news when your team lead decides to throw in such motivational quotes, for no reason, in the middle of a gruelling work week! Yet these are the very words that I would recollect, every time I was thrown into a maze soon after cracking the one before.

As I pause to recollect enduring memories from auld lang syne, I am none too surprised, that these very words flash back once again! We strive so hard to add yet another feather in the cap and run like horses with blinders on, that we often fail to count our benedictions and the best moments of life go past us in a blur.

Best moments in life goes past us in a blur

In some parallel universe I am still a twenty something graduate who is stunned beyond words after landing a job in a dream company called Infosys; in one more, I am having the best time of my adult life along with a boisterous group of like minded conspirators before I am asked to go explore the world outside; and in another I am whisked out of my contented lifestyle to a strange land where I finally come out of my shell and connect with a bunch of amazing individuals & equally inspiring families! This may seem like a wild science fiction story written while riding a roller coaster, but I wouldn’t change the plot one bit! Reading between lines, there was this understated nature, of mine, to seek refuge in unknown realms and be on the lookout for new challenges that was quietly driving the story of my career thus far. It is no different now.

Today is my last working day with Infosys. While I have been writing this email in my head for quite some time now, it is so arduous to put everything in words. I am witnessing a flurry of emotions and I don’t imagine this email will bear testament to most of it. Thank you to my zealous team mates for keeping me ever curious, to my receptive managers for showing their support in trying times and to the leadership for their guidance during my tenure. The cherished moments from our exchanges has kept my journey lit. A very special thank you to the ever dependable enabler units as well!

Infosys, to me, has been a home away from home; a guiding constant in an otherwise nomadic life. I am indebted to the invaluable lessons it has taught me and would take this opportunity, one last time, to thank my mentors and peers who have groomed me to the person that I am today. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with so many passionate and committed individuals along the way.

From FedEx colleagues

I thoroughly enjoyed our animated conversations and disagreements in equal measure, and hope that I managed to impress on you a similar sentiment; my humble apologies if otherwise! I wish you success and good luck for your future!

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