The word sums it all up, I guess. An unfortunate and unforeseen force, created by the arms race; there is no stopping it now for it spreads its stink all directions. A modern day terrorist need not be a bearded man with Arab clothing and a Kalashnikov. Of course such silhouettes still exist, but like any group with extreme intentions they are learning the act of survival.

You meet Sam at the XY airport – a guy who looks handsome, intelligent, well learned, and well mannered and most importantly can look straight into your eyes while striking a conversation. He has to board his plane and departs in haste and quickly blows the plane to smithereens!

Well that’s the type of thing which an extremist is made up of nowadays. They are so very confident in their plan, so much assured that their ideals are correct no matter how many planes they have to blow or how many innocents get killed. They don’t care even if one of “their own” happens to perish accidentally or incidentally in their acts. Probably, it is this nature of theirs that makes them to stand in stark contrast to the other “good guys” who kill for a reason. Too much of hatred has been spread into their blood that sorrow and love have no place to stand; which makes these men and women even more dangerous.

They didn’t arise during the past decade; only their presence was “felt” rather a bit too strongly. They are but saplings of jealousy and petty politics grown into a monster oak. What you sow you have to reap. I am sure most of us know who is responsible – for elephants are known to pour sand over their heads.

I have come to believe in one thing, these acts of terrorism leave a scar no matter if it fails or succeeds. You can take a look at the amount of money being spent for security measures at airports and other important points, post – 9/11.

Most of us would have seen the precautions after the attacks from Heathrow were thwarted. Even bottles for feeding the infants have to be tasted by the person who accompanies the child! Acts like these may help in preventing terrorism, but they also tend to make the traveler angry and annoyed. Something which can’t be prevented taking into consideration what’s at stake is much more than human lives; it’s the “fear factor”. For once you start to fear something you give that “something” more confidence even without its realization.

The terrorists know this; you know it; the government knows it. There is no medicine for fear and the type of fear which is being established now leaves no scope for facing it, to get over it. You need a lot more than weapons and armor to fight the menace which spreads its roots. Perhaps, you need to get rid of your emotions too or worse, start all over again!

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