Technology – Where Do We Stand?

I guess my job does have some impact on this queer interest. I am easily exposed to such technological advancements but would stay away from them thanks to the pay! Hmph… That’s a real honest statement, if ever there was one.

And one more pathetic thing is the mobile technologies in India. The real class of the technology ultimately lies in the data speed (3.75G; 4G etc…). I was speaking to a friend of mine while writing an article for our company wiki site. That’s when the truth hit me hard. People (including me) here would be satisfied with a 10p/call or free sms and would be ready to herald mobile banking as the greatest advancement in recent times.

Leave alone gadgets, even services seem to hit rock bottom. Make a call to BSNL call center if you want to know the reasons! People don’t even send you the right configuration for networking services and sometimes you even get hushed; and you end up thinking what happened to the famous ‘customer is god’ lingo!

However, I do believe that satellite entertainment (worldspace or tatasky) are going in the right direction. You can feel the difference really… Let it be their service or the quality of their broadcast; and very much affordable too! So far so good at least (touch wood 🙂 ).

I’d really like to feel the new types of telecommunications and would REALLY LOVE to embrace advances in this marvelous world of gadgets and gizmos. Regrettably, this may just remain a wish the way in which we are looking up to them.

“Hi, how much does this lovely little Xbox 360 cost?”

“23,600 rupees only sir”

“Thank you!”

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