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German Work Culture

It would be completely unfair to have come to a place on business visit and to end up without any word on the new work culture!


Germany – Here I Come!

When one of my friends spoke of it as HUGE, I thought how big it could really be! I did not get to see trains running inside yet, but going by the likes of it there’s little to doubt the veracity of this info! Frankfurt airport is definitely humongous; and any comparisons to the “dingy” Chennai “International” airport can only be considered as lunacy…

Yesterday in India (Chennai) and today in Germany – the contrast couldn’t be more striking! Though I haven’t come to hate anything about my hometown, my comparisons could easily be comprehended as likely loathe for sweet old Madras)


Work Life – Is it Really Balanced?

There was once this sailor who was shipwrecked and going the way of the wind on a small boat when he suddenly saw the broken pieces of his ship.

First there was a torn piece of cloth from the sail. He felt he should carry this – after all wasn’t he connected to the ship even after its demise?

Then came the rudder, he pulled it in too with great eager.


Circle of Life

“Why on earth, Manager’s should be so cold hearted!” Suraj was furious.

“Hey calm down man; it happens to everyone when working under Mahesh. Even Guna had trouble with him remember; he’s a tough boss man! And recall the way in which Guna used to work! Man, he was a workaholic and systematic too. And if he can make mistakes, believe me, you deserve to make yours too!” Ramamoorthy (a) Ram winked at Suraj.

‘Is he trying to convince me or bring me down further?’ Suraj stared at his project mate.

“Let’s go to the canteen man. Just chill ok!” Ram was already walking toward the door.

“Yeah sure mate! Guess I need a break too. This code is never gonna be finished by EOD either. Might as well satisfy my tummy.” Suraj wanted to find some reason to desperately get away from his work (and his Manager too).

“But I’ll tell this again, Managers need to be more empathetic. They should have some human levels of satisfaction at what we do. At the least they could be less vehement” Suraj’s voice trailed away…


It Is Over – Is It?

You think it is over,
You are happy about it too.
But remember, there are ways
In which it can return.

It returns to haunt you forever.
That which never began to end,
Can never see the end of the tunnel.
And it will blind the daylight for you too.

For such things are god forbidden
It should never occur to anyone,
Not even to the enemy dearest.
One man Project – is a nightmare come true!


Eddie or better known as “Tough” Ed was one hell of a worker. Slogging for more than 18 hours a day-7 days a week is no mean task. He was one of the young workers in the buzzing socialist colony of Bouzo – a place where one could always find the “work–>earn–>work” rule in its full swing. Since he was a kid, Ed had never been trained in anything special apart from picking up the goods on his back delivering it at the store house and getting “peanuts” in return. It was, as his father had once told him, the only means of existence – to survive the caste driven policies of Bouzo. “You can never become anything other than a worker, as night can never become day” his father used to tell him.

His dad had died while trying to carry some goods which were simply too heavy for him. “Crushed by the weight” said some; “Crushed by his age” said a few more; “Crushed by Bouzo” thought Ed. It didn`t matter, death of one ageing worker in a colony which was reproducing twice it`s number every few days was no big deal for anyone.