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Durdle Door and Isle of Wight and

We are back from a really good trip to places South of London. It is impossible to forget the sound of the sea kissing the pebble beach of Durdle Door and our windy tour to the Isle of Wight.


Trip to Scotland

We are just back from our first real holiday in the UK. We visited Edinburgh and parts of the Scottish Highlands. Be it the natural scenery of the Highlands or the old streets of Edinburgh Scotland has a something for every traveler.


Trip to Wales

After many a moon I managed to take a quick break from work and buy myself a long weekend. Our two day visit to Wales was filled with the usual jam packed travelling and sightseeing.

We journeyed 4+ hours on our first long drive in the UK. The drive ended with the sight of beautiful hilly terrain and a glorious view of the sea. Llandudno was not as crowded as I had feared – probably the benefit of NOT travelling in holiday season.


Trip to Windermere and Manchester

Looks like there has been an eerie silence in my blog for the past few months. I feel it is time to bring in a bit of Easter cheer!


London Trip

London to us was only a weekend trip. Here are some pics from our quick visit to London.