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A Vulture’s Dairy

Day 1
Hi there… I am Jack the vulture. My nest is way over there, beyond those mountains. I can see it from here, but am not so sure if you will be able to! I’ve been living in this arid desert since I was born.

You see those dunes moving beneath us. Yeah! Well I’ve seen them do the same for ever. Damn sands, they never get tired do they? Keep shifting from one place to another troubling everyone. But I don’t want to curse the desert, because it has fed me to what I am.


An Apt Title

Before some one asks me about the weird and obsolete title that I have chosen for my blog. I wish to answer…

A few months ago if you had asked me what a blog is I would have said it was a strange creature, probably a slimy one too, more or less like a mud loving earth worm. Boy was I mistaken. You see, even the greatest creation of man kind (read MS Word) did not recognize it as a proper word, so why should, being a puny little mortal, go on to give it a damn?