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A Lesson from the Sea

What do you learn from the sea?

With the power bestowed
On its massive arms;

With all the unknown
Amidst its midst;

With knowledge and wisdom
From aeons of existence;

With a roar that can
Silence an army;

With the wildest of storms
For it’s companion;



Stardom, fanaticism, craze, sleaze, fame, glory, conspiracies, gossips, limelight – a mix of all these; Cinema is all about it.

People get easily affected by what they hear and what they see. To a lot of people to see, is to believe. Imagine what would happen when a deadly mix of sight, sound and act get together. It could take you to new heights; make you visualize things which you can hardly ever dream of; things which are fantastic, to things which are mundane.


All The World’s A Stage

God was in a good mood and decided to grant the wish of the 3 brothers who were austere devotees…

You can ask for just one wish, but no more; Ask for yourself and no one else” God commanded the 3 brothers.