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2010-2019: Reminiscing My Thirties

The year is almost complete. In a matter of hours, we will step into a new decade and I will look back at the past ten years with a mix of emotions.


2017 – Hope & Optimism

Globally 2016 was a year ravaged with many calamities. The chaos that seemed to spread so quickly across the world was too hard for anyone to miss. When I look back, however, 2016 was NOT a miserable year. In many ways it was a good year for me.


Down The Rotten Hill Again

I stood at the point where there was no fence.
It was a beautiful view of the sea beneath.
It was a scene worth the climb uphill.
But was my effort in vain?
For I have nowhere to go now
But down the rotten hill again!

I see the ships in the distance,
I see the sun rising high,
I see the seagulls soaring above,
I see life and I see the grandeur.
Yet my hindsight fails to see beyond
The walk down the rotten hill again!


The Path

With much glee and
Happiness abound
I started to toil,
On a brand new path!

A trail that notions
Great life ahead;
A thought nurturing
Satisfaction straight!