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Down The Rotten Hill Again

I stood at the point where there was no fence.
It was a beautiful view of the sea beneath.
It was a scene worth the climb uphill.
But was my effort in vain?
For I have nowhere to go now
But down the rotten hill again!

I see the ships in the distance,
I see the sun rising high,
I see the seagulls soaring above,
I see life and I see the grandeur.
Yet my hindsight fails to see beyond
The walk down the rotten hill again!


Italy Trip

How many days do you get to wake up in the morning and see a river flowing right beneath your window? How many times in a lifetime do you get to end your evening walk amidst a world wonder? Have you ever taken the road which “really” leads you to Rome? Italy gives you a chance to do all this and more!!


Salzburg Trip

Salzburg trip in a gist…