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Circle of Life

“Why on earth, Manager’s should be so cold hearted!” Suraj was furious.

“Hey calm down man; it happens to everyone when working under Mahesh. Even Guna had trouble with him remember; he’s a tough boss man! And recall the way in which Guna used to work! Man, he was a workaholic and systematic too. And if he can make mistakes, believe me, you deserve to make yours too!” Ramamoorthy (a) Ram winked at Suraj.

‘Is he trying to convince me or bring me down further?’ Suraj stared at his project mate.

“Let’s go to the canteen man. Just chill ok!” Ram was already walking toward the door.

“Yeah sure mate! Guess I need a break too. This code is never gonna be finished by EOD either. Might as well satisfy my tummy.” Suraj wanted to find some reason to desperately get away from his work (and his Manager too).

“But I’ll tell this again, Managers need to be more empathetic. They should have some human levels of satisfaction at what we do. At the least they could be less vehement” Suraj’s voice trailed away…