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Voter’s Card

I had a small correction to make in my voter’s ID card. I was told by many that this will be some ordeal and I wasn’t even assured of getting my card back. With the elections just a week away, these buggers decided to postpone the corrections till the last moment!

Much against all odds, I decided to go for it. First of all I had to visit the corporation office and enquire where this whole thing was being done. Luckily for me, the school was right behind the office.

As soon as I went there, I could see a lot of unruliness. People were standing in different queues without even knowing whether they belonged there. In some places, there was nothing called a line. To add to all this, there was not a single sign/ board which told where to get new card issued, were corrections were made, were people can get duplicates etc.

I managed to find a person who told me what to do. I was asked to fill up some form which asked me 2 fill up my district name, taluk name etc. Hell, I just wanted to correct the mistake in my age! As soon as I handed over the form, the guy asked me if I was sure whether my age in the data base was correct. Well, I am not exactly the DBA you know and I mentioned I didn’t know.