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A Few Lessons From My Kid

Last weekend I learnt a couple of lessons – in that of parent’s pride (it’s a totally different sort of happiness) and that an adult can never master the art with which a child can toss a win or loss. They give two hoots really!


Worth The Wait

In a world dogged
By paradigms set
By humans equally

In a life marred
With paranoia
Self induced
And superstitions, self set…


Attention: Boy Gone Missing

There used to be a time, in our school days, when there was this chirpy little things in us that used to surface out of nowhere whenever the teacher left out for a few minutes or no one was present to take control of the class.

This person used to find comfort in the fact that all the other guys/ girls were more or less the same and one could find the noise level in the room would increase subtly yet gradually, until the teacher in the next room came and quietened the class with his/ her stares or by just a mere daunts.