Stuttgart Trip

This week I had a chance to visit Stuttgart – the Detroit of Europe!

I had time to visit the schloss area. The palace itself was closed due to some maintenance/ construction works. The lake behind the palace made up for a good early morning walk. The state museum put up a good show of the history of W├╝rttemberg with its stunning displays of ancient to modern traditions of this region, along with artifacts of cultural and historical significance. I liked the section of antique clocks the most. The crown jewels were good to look at but there was really not much!

The two famous car museums – of Mercedes Benz and Porsche were a nice experience too. Both boasted about their history and showcased some of their most famous productions till date. To be short and curt the Benz museum was a wonderful experience and gave me a good class in the history of automobiles. While the Porsche museum failed to live up to the hype generated by the other museum (in terms of value of the money spent vs the number of displays) it was a class of its own!

Here are some pics from my short trip to Stuttgart.


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