Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

The Plot Twist: Be it real life or Hollywood, you cannot take things in their face-value. Although the evil nature of Dr. Poison and General Erich is shown in a few scenes, true evil lurks on the other end of the battlefield.

Diana gets a rude shock when she realizes it is Sir Patrick who is Ares re-incarnate. To let it sink in, the director even went to the extent of dressing up the old limp in a shining and mighty looking warrior armor.

When Ares begins forging and assembling weapons on the fly and floats in the air, you know you are dealing with super-villain Level 99!

Direction: It is moments like the climax in this movie where the direction could have shined. But instead we are treated to cheesy villain dialogs like ‘kill the humans & side with me’, ‘the humans are unworthy’ etc. instead of stunning special effects or showing that a hero can emerge from a common man like Charlie or Sameer (who were both in that scene)! I even felt that the audio in this sequence was badly superimposed.

Same goes for the final scene in Louvre, I could notice that the set and Diana were possibly filmed in different frame rates. The final sequence where you see wonder woman leaping towards a random place was also nothing short of corny!

Final Words: I felt that though the artists, the camera and to some extent the action stuck faithfully behind pushing a new superhero into limelight for the kids, the direction and plot became a pitfall!

The plot of the story kept weakening with every scene. It was only the dedication of the stars themselves that seems to have saved Wonder Woman some grace.

I found the villains unconvincing, the plot banal and the writing to be loathsomely lazy. I would strongly urge you to go see the trailer in the theatres, for it has the best scenes of the movie already. If you still want to watch the rest of it, just wait for the DVD!

My rating for Wonder Woman (2017):

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