Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Back Story: The story begins in mythical island of Themyscira, home to the Amazons. Diana is shown as a young girl who wants to learn how to fight in a war and her mother Queen Hippolyta is bent in not letting her in. Unsurprisingly, the island is made of woman with Hippolyta’s sister General Antiope leading their small army.

Their presence is to defend earth in the event that Ares (the God of War) decides to make a comeback. In a story book style rendering Hippolyta retells the myth in which Zeus (the God of Gods) creates mankind to live in peace, and how a jealous Ares (Zeus’s son) corrupts man’s mind to wage wars and kill.

Ares keeps killing most of the gods when Zeus intervenes and in the ensuing conflict, Ares is badly wounded but survives plotting to return and destroy humanity once and for all.

The Main Story: Diana grows up learning more of her past and of a sword known as God Killer with which, she believes, Ares can be stopped. Steve Trevor crashes into the island (which is behind some kind of invisibility field). He is saved by Diana, but an entire navy ship is hunting him.

They manage to get into the island and a small battle begins in which General Antiope is killed. Trevor is questioned & is found to be WWII British spy who has witnessed Dr. Maru aka Poison (Elena Anaya) & General Erich Ludendorff (David Thewlis) of Germany working on a poisonous weapon.

The Queen of the Amazons does not want her warriors to participate in the war, but Diana decides to get hold of her primary weapons – the sword, shield, lasso and her armour and elopes with Trevor. According to her Erich is Ares re-incarnate.

In a few days, the duo end up in London in a small sail boat (god knows how)! Diana meets a few of Trevor’s friends and also Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) who aides financially and further’s their mission to kill Erich.

The entire part of them meeting up with characters like Charlie and Sameer is extremely dragged and I found it completely unessential to the movie as a whole. In many ways it was a complete waste of 20 minutes of screen time, that was better off used in some action sequences within London (for Diana) to build their chemistry! Lucy Davis as Etta also makes an appearance.

Special Effects: When you think superhero it is all about special effects and in-human stunts. Wonder Woman does lack the firepower in the first half in this aspect. But the moment Diana and Trevor enter the war zone we are treated to what we dream of experiencing in our mundane life – a glimpse of a real hero.

While Diana’s antics like plummeting into a war tank or bringing down a church chapel with one hit makes for great stunts, it is her valour and courage of stepping into no-man’s land that gets the applause. The moment when she is first shown in her wonder woman costume and is taking in a load of bullets on the shield is spectacular to watch.

Diana and Trevor get some time alone. While parents are nervy as to what is to ensue between them, the PG-12 rating keeps everything in balance! Eventually she meets the evil German General and sticks the sword into him after a short fight. But this does not stop the war.

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