Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

In recent times we have seen quite a lot of action hero origin stories. With dramatic improvements in techniques relating to in production as well as post processing of movies, big production houses calling for a reboot of a franchise is not totally unreasonable.

However what is unjustified is the lack of attention they have been giving to the sexes! All the franchises have one thing in common – their intent is to showcase macho men and how the world becomes a better place because of them (with the exception of X-Men)!

It is 2017, and girl superheroes find a footing at last. When I watched Wonder Woman (2017), what stuck me the most was not how beautiful the main star was – it was how the action was fixated around her and how Gal Gadot seems to have been able to absorb all that attention so gracefully.

Chris Pine stars as the “more-than-average-looking” Steve Trevor and has acted his part with extreme sincerity. David Thewlis and Danny Huston play pivotal roles in the movie as well.

While the back story from Diana’s childhood (involving ancient Greek gods) continue as the central theme of the movie, I felt that the storyline did not have enough meat or surprises to outpace other recent superhero movies! To me characters like Charlie or Sameer (the artists themselves did a good job) were unnecessary to the plot itself. These were possibly introduced only to help improve the humour quotient the movie lacked. I will discuss that in my more detailed review.

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