Review: Transformers 3

Some plot lines are taken too casual in my opinion. For example, the reason given by the Autobots on how they escaped unscathed when the rocket carrying them exploded to bits, seemed quite weak. Not because it is unreasonable that they escaped but because they escaped undetected with the Decepticons having taken over the world and monitoring this entire episode.

Audience is also given a heartbreaking moment when Bumblebee is about to be executed in front of Sam. I felt there was more intensity to LaBeouf’s acting when he saw his car was about to be destroyed than what he showed when his girlfriend was held hostage 🙂

My rating for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011):

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This was my first visit to an IMAX theater by the way; and this is my first ever movie review as well 🙂

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