Review: Transformers 3

All this is not revealed in the same sequence as I have written. It is found out by Sam and he in turn alerts the military about it. Quite a lot of characters are put to death before truth eventually becomes known to him. There are some wasted scenes about his joblessness and how he eventually lands in a job with a hyper-disciplined boss and how well his girlfriend is ticking off with her boss – who in the end turns out to be a crazy villian assisting the evil Decepticons. They really did not think twice before suggesting all bosses are insane, one way or another!

Sentinel has a lot of character (he’s a Prime remember) and hell a lot of power (when given the pillars). And he goes crazy trying to warp out and introduce Cybertron to earth. There’s a lot of cool things to say about this wicked plan and umpteen number of scientific possibilities and improbabilities that such a thing may happen – but yeah… like they will let it happen, even if it was only just a movie!

There is a master pillar that needs to be blown. In comes Sam (and his lady love) along with a lot of Navy Seals. They escape unhurt (unbruised) from a dozen guardians who, by the way, are capable of getting rid of advanced military aircraft in one shot! They even manage to squeeze out of a building that is being crushed, ripped and eaten by the most evilest looking Decepticon yet. I loved this scene totally – really well done! The team of Seals (and Sam of course) manage to get rid of a few Decepticons with little help from weapons given by Autobots. When things get too hot to handle, Optimus comes in with the rest of the Autobots and they terminate the Decepticons. Optimus defeats Sentinel in a battle (assisted by Megatron) and Megatron himself is killed in what I would term as a split second duel.

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