Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Eventually Batman is lead to Bane’s lair by Selina. There is a small fight between Bane and the Batman and our superhero is left with a broken back. If you think that’s bad, things go ugly after this. Batman’s mask is removed and Wayne is dragged to a hell hole. According to legend only a child has managed to make his way out of captivity from this prison so far and Batman believes this kid was none other than Bane and that Bane is Ra’s al Ghul’s child!

Bane is in possession of the core of the Nuclear reactor and Dr. Pavel has managed to make a thermonuclear weapon out of it (shortly before he was killed). Bane has entrusted the remote of this weapon with a citizen of Gotham and it somehow, reminded me about the boat scene in the Dark Knight. Eventually it will turn out that these two are incomparable. Bane also has taken hold of the board of Wayne enterprises. He breaks the detail of who really was Harvey Dent to Gotham and also breaks the walls of Gotham’s prison. So basically, he owns Gotham now!

Back at the prison Wayne learns that Bane’s mask is a kind of shield – and removing it will will put the villain in near death like pain. How Wayne manages to fix his back (with a rope and hell lot of will power) and break out of the prison forms a good portion of the film. How Bane shuttles to the prison to toss Wayne into it or how Wayne (now stripped of power, money and energy) makes his way back to Gotham – we will leave it to our creative senses.

Meanwhile at Gotham Crane is made the judge of the only active court and is sentencing people to death or exile, for any action done by them against Bane or his cronies. Exile is in the form of a walk across a frozen lake (this could have been a bit more creative). Anyhow, Gordon and most of his men are caught when they are trying to identify the vehicle that is shuttling the nuclear warhead and sent to walk across the lake when Batman shows up much to the chagrin of Bane.

Once Selina frees the cops who have been trapped underground for months, with the help of Bat-mobile and when cops learn that Batman is back and is on the good side, hope is rekindled. There’s a war when Batman finally overpowers Bane using his only known weakness – his pain abating mask. At this moment Miranda shows her true colors; as the real child of Ra’s al Ghul – the one who actually made it out of that dreaded prison.

But she is stopped on her evil plan of exploding the bomb remotely thanks to hard work by Gordon, John Blake, Fox and their small but skillful team. Selina comes to Batman’s rescue and shoots (and presumably kills) Bane and then they take on Miranda together, who eventually dies believing Gotham will be destroyed by the deteriorating core of the Nuclear weapon. Batman has the last say however and uses his Bat plane to dispose the weapon at a safe distance from Gotham.

Everyone believes Batman is dead when the Nuke goes off. There’s even a small funeral scene where Caine does another nice cameo. But true to Hollywood movies we are shown in the end that, just few months before this incident the Bat plane’s autopilot was secretly fixed by Wayne. His close aides learn he is alive and we are introduced to John Blake as the person who will be Robin.

Overall the film is fast paced, but at certain portions the film almost grinds to a halt and I couldn’t help wonder if it is the same Batman series where the previous two parts had that blink and you miss kind of frames. At close to three hours I feel that some of the scenes should have been cut out. Especially the climax – wouldn’t it have been nice for the viewers to not really see what or whom Alfred was looking at? Made it feel as if Batman fans were below average in their thinking! But come to think about it, that’s probably a nice way of Bale saying bye and in style!

Here’s my rating for the The Dark Knight Rises (2012):

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