Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Michael Caine shines with his limited role. He tries to prevent Wayne from putting on the bat suite once again. In the end he is is left powerless against Bruce Wayne’s stubbornness and leaves Wayne Manor.

When Batman shows up after a long time, one top cop comes up with the suggestion that they should go behind the person who killed a legend like Harvey Dent and simply ignore Bane’s gang who are basically terrorizing Wall Street! And guess what? Every single cop is heading one way. Dull thinking really! That’s the kind of attitude from those running Gotham that will end up destroying it.

Commissioner Gordon is bedridden after being briefly kidnapped by Bane’s gang. He does get into action mode soon though and is very convincing at his depiction of the mere human like hero that real life cops happen to be. He does get a cheesy line (and that too on National Television) where he openly says something like I’ll reserve the true story of Harvey Dent! This should have been suppressed and was probably just intended as a reference so the audience could connect it in the scene where Bane reads out this story!

There is probably another gripe that I have with this movie. That everything the villains need come to them exactly as they want and when they want. This is exasperated by the fact that the cops and our superhero are not even up to task. A villain who is straightforward and has the advantage of only brute force outwitting all those cops by building an army right under their nose and even digging a tunnel right beneath the defense department of Wayne enterprises (that place should have been more covered) is extremely hard to believe.

But someone from the cops finds it out in the end and its too late when they take action. But that was dramatized badly as well. How can one expect EVERY SINGLE COP in the city to simply go behind one gang (no matter how big)? What on earth was their plan B? Even if some of the cops had stayed out they would have had a tough time to overcome the army of Bane, but still what was the sense behind such a silly call?

That’s the end of Gotham really. Everything goes BAM after this. And Bane is in absolute control. Wayne’s billions has already crashed thanks to some futures option that he has triggered in the stock exchange (seriously, there is no cap on anyone?!) and he hands over control of whatever little is remaining to Miranda Tate believing her to be the apt choice to know everything about Wayne enterprises even the location and control to the top secret nuclear energy project – and he has known her for how long? Couldn’t he have entrusted this to someone else at the board?

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