Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

**Spoiler Alert**

Batman is not about a super-human; he is vengeance personified. He’s an ordinary person who has simply channelized his anger for the greater good. As is shown so many times in the trilogy, when someone is challenged emotionally (tragically that is) at some point of their life, they can either let their good side win over their dark side or vice-versa; the Batman has simply chosen the former path – PERIOD.

Kudos to Christopher Nolan for bringing this out time and time again in his movies. It could have been scorned upon had a person with lesser conviction directed this trilogy. He has had a clear notion as to what he wanted his hero to be – not a billionaire with gadgets and side kick at his aide, but a regular person who just chanced to have a good heart and money to spend on an unreasonable, nonetheless, noble cause.

Coming back to the movie, it’s all about resurrecting Batman from the cryo state and how he saves Gotham this time round from a psychopath called Bane. Some scenes where Bane shows his attitude are probably pretty Hollywood-ish. The one where he kills a couple of his own fellows because they brought in the commissioner is probably one such. In fact I am not sure whether he kills any good guy at all throughout the film (except for the killing of Dr. Pavel). He seems to have a taste for his own kind!

He lacks an attitude with his kills. To put it simply, use the gun/ twist someone’s head seems to be his motto. That’s probably the way he’s characterized in the comics. Yet there’s this feeling that he may have shown too much of that attitude throughout this film – too predictable I would say!

Selina is used more as a side kick to our superhero during most part of this film but ends up as the Judas at one point; two if you consider her handing over Wayne’s fingerprints by mistake to the bad guys. She’s shown to be cunning and slippery, yet seems stuck at Gotham in search of a device that allegedly will wipe all known records of a person from every single Database of this planet. Yeah, definitely sounds fictitious! She does get a couple of scenes where she easily outwits Wayne and Batman – especially the one where she vanishes right in front the big guy. Though Batman quips a good one to let us forget it: So that’s how it feels!

She’s never called the Catwoman though. Nice to have heroes (or side kicks) without silly nick names eh! She’s found out by Wayne in her normal ego and is then met by Batman in her alternate. She then finds the truth about Batman’s alternate ego and then they both discover themselves and blah blah. You get the picture – a cat and mouse bat kind of game!

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