Review: The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Tintin, Snowy and Haddock manage to escape from the ship in a lifeboat. Tintin manages to send a message to his detective friends back home and also finds out what Sakharine is up to.

They end up in the middle of the sea. You cannot help rolling in laughter when Haddock manages to sink their lifeboat, by starting a fire (to warm himself) and also blows it up by pouring a bottle of alcohol. Some of the crew members (of the Karaboudjan) are out looking for them (in a plane). Tinti and Haddock manage to steal the plane with a single bullet (yeah).

They then make their way to the fictional port of Bagghar where the final replica is held. This, of course, is not without its nail biting moments. Before arriving at their destination they survive a thunderstorm, an air crash, a few days lost in the middle of a desert.

Haddock finally opens up about the story of the Unicorn which was captained by his ancestor (Sir Francis Haddock). The ship was lost to a pirate named Red Rackham, after a fierce battle.

Sir Francis is betrayed by Red Rackham when he kills disposes off the crew despite being handed the treasure. But he has the last laugh when he blows up the ship and escapes; not before Red Rackham curses Sir Francis’s future lineage. It is not long before Captain Haddock realizes Sakharine is a direct descendent of Rackham and is seeking more than just treasure – vengeance!

The friendship between the two chief characters is tested when Tintin hands the single parchment that he has managed to keep away from the hands of the villains and Haddock looses it in no time. We are then treated, in one instant, to delightful visuals of the town and in the next to its destruction – Hollywood style!

The fight to gain the upper-hand by taking possession of all three parchments is captured in a no-holds-barred style car (and bird) chase. When they lose to the villains Tintin is downtrodden. It is Haddock, once again, who becomes the driving force.

Aided by luck, good friends and a will to win the battle against evil, Tintin and Haddock track down the ship and more importantly the three parchments with Sakharine. There is some more time for destruction here, before good outdoes evil. Sakharine is caught by the long arm of the law.

Our heroes now head off in search of the treasure and end up sailing to the Marlinspike Manor (to which Haddock is now restored as the true master). With Tintin’s wit they quickly discover the last possessions of Sir Francis and a clue to the last resting place of the Unicorn – with it’s hoard of hidden treasure!

My rating for The Adventures of Tintin (2011):

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