Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II

This happened to be my first ever IMAX (3D) viewing. Seeing the final film of such a big franchise on a 3D IMAX screen (and that too on the first day of its release) should have made me quite pleased. But somehow I was left asking questions. Did THIS film really need to jump into the 3D bandwagon? I doubt its merits. 2D (with much lesser cost) and longer run time (to give the characters space for expressing and asserting themselves) would have been a LOT more better. But that’s what the whole world is doing so let us jump in! *sighs*

As I mentioned in the beginning, you cannot discuss Deathly Hallows without talking about the entire franchise in general. More than the graphics and violence (read killings) and the magic and spells that she writes about, Rowling’s deception of what Harry stands for is what would last in her reader’s mind.

I see Harry not as a boy who decided to stand up against Voldemort and his evil, because that is what most of the characters in the book ended up doing. I see him as an orphan who could have chosen any path that he wanted to without having to hear his parent’s out; I see him as a rich wizard who chose to stay humble; I see him as the only person who came in “legal” possession of all three Deathly Hallows but chose to treat them with disdain; I see him as a kid who chose friendship above all superpowers (something most of us would think twice before doing).

The question I would, hence, ask is did we get to see such a Harry portrayed in the series? I will say these characteristics are shown all throughout but is not considered as the highlight. If you ask any film fan what is it that attracts to the HP series I am sure we would hear things like graphics or action or probably their favorite actor. Therein I will say lies the franchise’s failure.

I am not condemning them, of course, for if they have made the film keeping in mind my depiction of Harry or the subtlety of emotions (that SHOULD have been portrayed), it would have been classified as a drama rather than action; and no one wants to see a drama stretch over eight movies now – do we? 🙂

A word about the author and her book. Rowling wove the story beautifully. No one can question that and she handled the most important scenes and characters with care. I hope she continues to fascinate us with more such fiction and fantasy in the future.

In short the movie is commercially successful (you do not need me to say that, it’s revenues do), the casting is top pick and the acting is quite good – there everyone’s happy!

My rating for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II:

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