Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II

**Spoiler Alert**

I do not remember every single detail from the book like many ardent fans might do. And I am not of the opinion that the movie should copy every line from the book either. In fact with the volume of the last book in Harry Potter series you can hardly expect anyone to do so – even when it is split in two movies.

But it did feel rather fast, the way in which Lestrange is done away with. I would have also liked to have watched the professors fight the death eaters in much detail rather than see a bunch of kids running around. This could have definitely been so much more fun! Many characters like Lestrange or members of the Order make very short appearance in this movie; heck even Fleur Delacour was missing!

Horcruxes get broken one by one and we realize that the final duel is due anytime. Hermione puts a dagger into the chalice, Ron kicks the diadem into a raging fire at the room of requirements and Longbottom (he really is an underrated hero in the book) slices Nagini’s head with Gryffindor’s sword.

There was a lot of hue and cry about this scene in which Harry and Voldemort tumble out of a tower. I did not think of it as bad at all! In fact, the dark lord is made to look most scary in this particular scene.

As I said before, people die; so no matter if it is an unknown death eater or some key characters like Fred or Tonks or Lupin – they get equal treatment in death! You hardly see emotions in people. It is not that I feel a “sob-scene” is a must have, but whatever happened to the tears being shed over the death of Fred Weasley – it got a movie time of… what was it like – one second?!

Snape dying at Voldemort’s hands (or should I say Nagini’s fangs) has a reasonable impact, but I think the way his death is described in the book would have taken a longer duration to cover as a scene.

There is this chapter of Gringott’s being broken into and the kids making away with a Horcrux. I guess this is perhaps one of the complete chapters of the book making it into the movie and it shows! The scene is really well made and you smile as Hermione once again dons the thinking hat and Ron exclaims “Brilliant!” – yeah brilliant indeed.

The final scene is a bit funny (as expected). I am wondering how Hermione felt kissing her daughter goodbye at King’s Cross 😉 I remember reading Neville and Hagrid in this scene, but not very sure about it. They should have been in though!

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