Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II

We were introduced to the story and its cast almost a decade back but the franchise has not failed its fans yet. When anyone writes a review for the deathly hallows 2, it is unavoidable that the overall success of the entire Harry Potter series will be discussed and subject to review as well.

Plot: The film hinges on the final battle between death eaters and other wizards. Hogwarts is the center of all action. Death and destruction is no longer discussed in background. You literally see the beautiful castle, Hogsmeade and Gringotts being ripped apart and people die. Let me stop with that.

Special Effects: The film has been shot in 3D and, as with its prequels, the final episode boots really good CGI. Apparations, flying broomsticks, dragons, giants, slithering snakes, magic – everything is thrown at the audience in the two hour running time of the movie. And its all so beautifully interwoven that you end up applauding their physics rather than cringe thinking about their improbability.

Cast: The main stars need no introduction. I guess this series was blessed, for they managed to complete production of eight movies with almost the same cast as they began. So in order to review the casting I need to go back in time – I guess it is unnecessary. I do not think we are going to get a more fitting description of Harry or Ron or Hermione. The only gripe is that we get to see less of some favorite characters (like Hagrid for example).

Performance: The lead characters have done good. Not just in this movie but the entire series. Kudos to the kids who dared to spend the most crucial years of their lives to entertain us (yeah they definitely got a handsome pay in return) and have been keen to learn from day one to get their acting skills honed. Of the others I would always rate Alan Rickman’s portrayal of the complex character of Snape as a cut above the rest – it was like a character written in the book come alive. Evanna Lynch also cast her character (of Luna Lovegood) with charm. Helena Bonham Carter will forever be remembered as the sneering Bellatrix Lestrange.

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