Relics from a Bygone Age

I remember that scent, sight and sound
From a time when life's pages had yet to turn
Playing in midday sun until we felt our skins burn
A handful of toys lost yet new friendships found.
We poured onto the streets like stirred honey bees
Busy one day, idle by the next
Time in that world had no context
Rules of the game, we made as we pleased.

Spring or summer, every season rejoiced
No leaders or heroes, no rights and wrongs
Innocent souls, little carefree sprogs
Building utopia till dinner bell chimed.

Plots and plans hatched in someone's backyard
Until rain did pour and flood the neighbourhood
Little did that deter our spirits or brotherhood
Weren't tiny paper boats our secret reward?

A gang formed just to play hide-and-seek
Stories exchanged with that long forgotten friend
Faces erased - a new kind of blind
Names I can't remember - yet so much did we speak.

Call me nostalgic or an armchair sage
I can't help but stare into a never ending fog,
While I try to recall our talks near the campfire log
Faded memories - my only relics from a bygone age!

4 Replies to “Relics from a Bygone Age”

  1. Beautiful! It did kindle some of my childhood memories too – they are indeed priceless relics to be cherished forever!

  2. Made me so nostalgic! You recounted nearly all of my childhood memories..but then we all would have had this..lovely read!

  3. Beautifully written! Each sentence silently wakes up the sleeping memories. The choice of words and the way they are blended is awesome. In short, it is simply sweet and superb.

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