Realm of Heart

Of the hundreds of women that I see every day,
Hardly a few take my breath away…

There are those who look good and
There are those who make others around them look good ;);
There are those who look fantastic in red,
Some look fabulous in yellow,
Girls who are lovely in lavender…
And then there are those who make
The colors look senseless with their charm;
There are some who may not exactly be lovely
But yet look so pretty.
One such takes my breath away…

Beautiful is not exactly how I would define her
Yet I become lost in her presence,
Which probably may not last longer than a few seconds…
I hear her voice – Is it soft? Is it rough?
I can’t place it anywhere in those scales.

I try to reason out just
Why does she have that effect?
Is it my age that blurs my vision?
If it is so, let it blur.
I would rather waste away than
To be without seeing her for a day.

It’s not for love
Neither for lust
That i seek her divine presence.
I can complain but I can’t explain
Why I get so giddy a sense.

Her face, her voice, her charm
Everything’s driving me mad; driving me nuts.
Just let me be; Lemme get it over with.
Let me just get her out of my mind…

I try hard, I fight,
Never have I been conquered so thoroughly.
I won’t be a slave to anyone i scream…
There! I’ve thrown you out of my mind” I laugh.

Fool” says she…
It’s not in your mad mind that I exist.
It’s in the realms of my Lover’s heart that I dwell!

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