Real (E)State

<Present Day>

They met Ravi in a rather desolated place. Laxman could literally see greed in that guy’s eyes. Rekha seemed glued to his arm more than ever.

So this is the place?” asked Laxman.

I thought you said it’s going to be an independent city types!” Laxman’s surprise was plain obvious.

They were standing in a place that seemed far off from civilization. They were complete strangers to a location cluttered with hills and big rocks. The arid wind seemed more belonging to a desert than anything else. Trees were in patches and were a mere mirage. The only indications of any humans out there were but themselves! In short – unnerving in all ways!

Probably Ravi had noticed the change in the couple’s face or it was more of an instinct. He immediately started off with a well rehearsed speech:

Yes sir. You see the big rock over there?” He pointed to what looked more like a mountain. “That will be the place where they’ll level down a bit. From here till there, the entire place will come up for auction in a couple of months. We’re in a good position sir. I’ve managed to speak to someone up high and they’ve promised to take care of your bid; of course their commission…” Ravi dragged on.

How did I get into this‘ Laxman thought again.

What about water?” he asked.

Of course sir, when it rains.” Ravi laughed at his own joke. “But you’ve got to admit it’s a great place to live sir.

Shops? Markets? Entertainment?

They’ll slowly come up sir. Once people start moving in, everything will eventually come up.” remarked Ravi.

At least proper roads or… or drainage.

Laxman’s demands might look like basic amenities to most but it certainly didn’t seem to go well with Ravi who seemed completely in command of this scene.

Sir, think about it!” Ravi’s voice had hit a serious note. “Even if you try hard you’ll never ever get this big a deal for so cheap. Try and be practical here. Whatever you’ve said now is more of a luxury. But this land is the real factor. I am sure you’d have known this by now.

The conversation no longer seemed industrious. Laxman regretted his decision in every way and felt he had had enough of this big joke. Rekha seemed to think the same for she had been tugging Laxman for the past few minutes.

Yeah it’s great. We’ll let you know of our decision by this weekend.” Laxman covered the sarcasm in his voice as much as possible. He knew for sure that it would be the last time he’d see Ravi.

Rekha was more than happy to go from that place. Laxman was awfully quiet during the journey back home. He knew what Rekha’s decision was; it needed no telling.

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