Real (E)State

<Present Day>

Rekha came dressed in her red saree. She was looking pretty. She had matched her everything from her bangles to sandals. Laxman smiled.

What is it?” she asked seeing him smile. “Is something wrong with the dress?

No nothing; let’s get moving, shall we?

Hmm, okay. Are you sure about this?” She knew her question had angered him.

How many times should you be told? It’s a perfect plan. If you don’t want to come, just… just…

Okay cool down. It’s just that I don’t trust these brokers much. You’ve the car keys?

The car keys!‘ thought Laxman. ‘How can I forget?

<Flashback: 8 months ago>

Laxman listen to me; it won’t punch a hole in your pocket. In fact you would be more comfortable driving your wife around, in a car rather than in public transport.” Laxman’s mom was trying to coax this idea into his mind.

But I’ve a bike already.” He protested.

That’s definitely not safe.” advised his dad. “Don’t you see the number of bike accidents. You might drive safe but the bigger vehicle behind you need not!

But the same applies…

And we thought America would change your attitude.” He was cut short “Try not to be so stingy Laxman. You buying a flat has got absolutely nothing to do with getting a car! In fact why would you want to waste Two Lakh for buying a car parking when you don’t have a car!” his dad was in one of his preachy moods that day.

2L for car parking?” Laxman’s eyes widened. Obviously he still had not got into the whole groove of buying an apartment. “But that’s nearly the same price as the car you’re talking about. Isn’t it?

So what…?

Is it optional or something? I mean the car parking…” he continued innocently (irrationally would be more like it).

His dad laughed out loud.

Look at your son and his brilliant ideas. Optional car parking… Now when did I hear such a great joke before?

Oh please not in front of Rekha‘ thought Laxman.

His mother seemed to have read his thoughts and hushed her hubby immediately.

Listen to us Laxman. We’ve always thought for your own good. You don’t have to put in all the money by yourself. We’ve kept aside 30K for this. You just have to put in the rest. Now what do you say?

30K! My company gives more loan than that‘ Laxman sneered within.

So it’s settled then. We’ll go to a good dealer tomorrow.” Laxman realized his dad was in no mood to argue.

We’ll leave to our room now” his mom stood up. Laxman’s parents left to the next room and he closed the door.

Thank goodness we forced some sense into him. Came back from on-site and without a car! Think of what our neighbors would say! What would happen to our prestige?” he heard his mom speaking in a hushed tone as she left.

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