Prague Trip

I climbed up the tower only to find a rain drenched view of the city and the pražský hrad. But even this was beautiful in a way. Once the downpour had ceased I walked up the bridge and then to the old castle steps.

The castle was splendid by the night and the view of the half moon peeking up the spires of the St. Vitus cathedral would be etched for a long time in my memory.

Two days later I again visited the castle – considered as the largest in the world. I guess I need not mention that there was simply not enough time to visit all the sections of it. The crowd was also at its peak and my interest waned soon. I started back sooner than planned, now knowing that some places need more patience and interest than they actually seem to demand.

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  1. You visited almost all Prague in a short trip, that's the advantage of Prague, its very "compact" it's very practical for visitors and sights are very close to each other.

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