Prague Trip

My trip to Prague was rather short. Probably it would be eclipsed by my earlier big trip!

I think I had unintentionally cramped too much into one trip with the end result that I couldn’t fully enjoy the beauty of this capital city. In short one day was rather not what I had initially intended. But with the fact that I reached nearly four hours later than planned and that I decided to squeeze in a trip to Vienna resulted in me having just a day to cover the prominent places in Prague.

The most noticeable place is perhaps the famous castle and Charles Bridge. Also of prominence is the old town center with its famous astronomical clock. I began the trip though with a visit to the National Museum of Prague. It is a very simple yet wonderfully composed museum. Highlights would be the Palaenthology and Minerology departments. They’ve also very beautifully captured Prague’s famous men and the history behind their country as a whole.

I then strolled all the way to the old town center which I found quite fascinating and photogenic. I loved the rococo architectures that dominate the central square. The astromical clock adds to the fancy of this place. It took me some time to figure the route to Charles bridge but by then the skies had decided to open up.

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You visited almost all Prague in a short trip, that's the advantage of Prague, its very "compact" it's very practical for visitors and sights are very close to each other.

nrajesh says:

Not to mention, very economical too 🙂

Nice article..
Very short trip but it seems you almost visited all beautiful places in Prague..

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