Just considering the reactions of the Indian government during “certain” recent protests… I thought we are a Democracy! As long as our actions are within limits and not intended to harm anyone physically, I don’t see any reason why we should be policed (hope meaning is evident) in anyway!

And please don’t give me a reason saying they hurt some people’s sentiments. I don’t suppose, such people, who are not affected by others getting beaten up just like that, have sentiments in the first place! Tomorrow if they want to voice against something, and they do get beaten up for whatever lousy reason, who do they think will come to their aid?

I just ask the government this – in the name of policing for protecting certain public sentiments please don’t kill Democracy. If people are against protesting and feel this idea of theirs doesn’t disturb Democracy, then I guess the same should apply for people who are for protesting (as long as the protests are peaceful).

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