Pointless Ponderings

The world is a dot. That’s right, you heard me. It is a dot. How big a dot? Well probably as big (or as small) as this one.

In all probability even smaller. There is no guessing how much.

When the world comes to a dot what are we? We are naught! Yup nothing more than nothingness, just a mere dot’s distance from fading away. Fading away into oblivion, waiting to be nothing more than anything and no more than nothing.

But in spite of being so small, tiny, minute, infinitely small and dwindling creatures the almighty had the great, kind and generous heart to breathe life into us, give us freedom, make us move, make people smile, cry within, laugh at ourselves, get angry, hurt someone, be hurt, destroy, create (even more unimaginably tiny-winy things) and a zillion more things that some of us are even yet to feel.

In what can be described as perhaps the most generous gesture ever, the same god decided to make us the dwelling place. We the inglorious, undeserving and most unlikely candidates share god with all equality.

We feel the omnipotent in every emotion, in every breath, in every action we do, we feel the feel!

We make, the most generous and biggest, lord as a villain and a tyrant, we see god as the sole reason behind our sorrows, as something unnecessary and sometimes as an intruder into our well earned and well deserved privacy. We, who seem to know so much, decide that life is between birth and death and nothing more.

Respect the respectable and be amazed! Not just about our size in the ever expanding ether. Be amazed and dazzled as to what we mean to the omnipresent glorious ONE!

Nothing is bigger than the biggest story in universe – the creation of it;
Nothing is more unknown than the vast lands of the lord – the whole of creation;
And nothing is more creative than the force that forged us into the piece of skin that we are today!

Enjoy life in your own way and make the creator happy!


maddy says:

You have just summed up the philosophy of our religion in one single post ! Bravo gajam! Enjoyed reading this article.

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