Piracy and Some Silly Questions

When the Google search result for music downloads yielded me nothing more than a couple of Free Music Downloads (note: no legality clause included) in the first few results and the fact that there are more Google ads featuring such sites than you can ever imagine, I was left wondering if people have come to take music piracy or piracy in general for granted! However, not all free download sites are actually violating copyrights. Such music is mostly from independent artists who are looking to burn those download counters!

On the other hand, if you are really looking for legitimate music downloads of that recent Bollywood/ Kollywood flick that you loved so much you’ll have to shell some buck! It’s the only truth and that’s all there is to it! Now you may ask me questions like I’ve never done any such darn thing since the day I listened to my first song on PC or something like the websites that offer such music can in no way be treading on piracy! All I can say is please continue reading…

It is very intuitive of us humans to see to it that our HARD-EARNED money goes toward spending for something worthy/ unique and not toward something that is available FREE of cost and that too available in a ZILLION places! True; undeniable; rational but not necessary legal ALWAYS!

I would have stopped myself from earning the displeasure amongst the masses for trying to educate them on a topic that would seem contemptible and also helped myself from begetting the name of being a lunatic (for being what I am) had it not been for, what I can say, a few TOTALLY imprudent remarks in public forums of the corporate society that I so proudly work for! Now that the angst is out of my system let me tell you that my plate is not clean either. Yeah! Appalling though it may seem, a few years back I wouldn’t have given a second thought to matters concerning piracy or IPR (what is that, by the way) or copyrights or any such legalities for that matter. To me fun came free of cost… Sigh! At least now I know how it feels to be bereaved of the fruits of sweat toiled hard!

It is strange (and simple) as to how our minds get manipulated into believing that what thousand others are doing cannot be treated as fraud or illegal in any way! Think of it this way, you shed your time and effort into doing something so imperative to your living and a couple of folks come along your way and say Great work and then go behind you to outwit you in getting your work done (cheaply) from someone else! Backstabbing would be the word you’re looking for! It doesn’t stop at here. Some people even go to the extent of claiming someone else’s work as theirs, by taking to simple publicity stunts or advertisements! That is a totally different topic; so let me not tread there now.

Do a simple reality-check and go tell yourself how many of those songs playing in your PC or iPod or mp3 player or that brand new N-Series or Walkman phones you actually own? People look for the easy way out and simply skip such questions. When that friendly RJ tells you to ‘Stop Music Piracy!’, our mind automatically flicks itself off. Nobody cares for advice anyways; no matter how good or truthful it is!

I sometimes wish such stuff is made a part of our basic education curriculum! No I am not talking about downloading pirated songs/ e-books, it’s more about respecting another person’s creativity or thought! It is after all something that most of us, being at the position of the society we are, can afford to do without causing too much harm to our finance.

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