Paris Trip

This was a place that I had dreamt of visiting for quite a long time. A capital whose history is eponymous with wealth and power, a city whose name is synonymous with art divine, the unquestionable fashion capital of the world and a place renowned for its world famous cuisines. In almost every aspect Paris quenches the thirst of its ever growing visitors and admirers.

I had my doubts that four days was inadequate to cover the city and in all honesty I think the amount of planning I had done before my visit did help me a wee bit more. It is true that planning before a trip helps you unravel the place more, but even with a planned visit to Paris you could spend a few years and still not claim to have glanced at the city’s offerings; if you are an art lover you might spend ages in the Louvre and still not get past a few of its paintings, if history enchants you you can roam around in the few thousand museums and monuments that the city seems to produce out of magic or if your senses seek company there are more cultures thriving in this city than any other in the world! I will write about the places I saw in the order I visited them and not based on any predefined order or priority. A must note point is that the metro of Paris connects the city really well. So despite the place you are staying in you are always equidistant from most of the wonderful monuments. For a tourist like me, a five day pass and a map of the metro was all that was required to make the travel more comfortable.

My tour began with a visit to the Louvre as I felt more attracted to the fine arts than to any other field of interest. If the idea of the visit is to see Louvre’s masterpieces then they would be the statue of Venus de Milo, the sculpture of the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the masterly work of Da Vinci – la Gioconda. I do not know in what way the art cult treats just these three as the most immaculate works of art as there is far too much competition even within the same walls of the same Museum! Here you can see larger than life size portraits and mere stones turned into marvelous works of art in a perfectly well balanced setting. The museum is a great place for enjoying the grandest achievements of mankind in the fields of art. One more really good thing about the Louvre is that there was no big queues unlike the ones I encountered in the rest of the monuments and places within Paris! 😀

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