Palakkad Trip

A long pending travelogue!

This one’s about our gang’s trip to Palakkad (Kerala), at the end of second week of March.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible with the words and let the pics speak for themselves!

This was one perfect sunrise at Pothundi. This place was at the bottom of the hill that we were about to climb. We were actually lucky to have got here at this time of the day. The sun rising slowly amidst the mountains casting its reflection on the water is simply too beautiful to describe is words. We got a pretty clear idea as to what kind of a place we were going to see 🙂

We reached our cottage on the hill top pretty soon and refreshed ourselves before leaving for our first sight-seeing place – Maampaarai

There was actually after an hour of travel in a jeep in the narrowest and steepest climb (photo below). There was a small trek after this, but the heat was simply too much for most of us. We decided to quietly take as many snaps as possible of this breath taking view.

We went back to the cottage all hungry and tired. We refreshed and hit the road again for another view point Kesavampaarai.

It was a very quiet picture (until we went there of course). A lovely place for us to just sit back and chit-chat, pull each other’s legs etc…

We had a good night’s sleep and the next day we went for a exploring the place on our own – guys played a little bit, climbed trees, argued over the silliest of things, did all sorts of nonsense talk that was actually good fun. The weather changed to reflect our mood (pic above).

Then we were up and running again through some really scenic views of tea plantations like the one above.

We got to look at some sweet looking flora. There were lots of interesting pics to click…

Then came the highlight of the trip Athirappilli Falls! I guess when it comes to choosing good Indian locales for movies, this is a hot favorite and rightly so too!

Though most of us didn’t go trekking to the bottom, we did enjoy playing in the river stream that builds up to the impressive falls. One really amazing thing this pic couldn’t catch was the mighty roar of this falls; of course I did make a small video 😉

We went to a really big temple (forgot its name) before we headed for the railway station. At the end of the two days there wasn’t much that we regretted, except of course wishing we had a bit more time!

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