One Unforgettable Trip

As we reached the final few hours of our amazing and weird journey we still doubted catching the train. And our doubts became more pronounced as we ended up getting stuck at a toll gate. Some lucky day we were having!

The guard just told us all to wait until he got a clearance from the other end, meaning the toll gate at the bottom of the hill. We decided we had had it and decided to bide our time by making calls to inform our kith and kin that we may be reaching one day late.

The gates were finally opened and the race had only just begun as our drivers swung into action and raced all the way down. It seems there was some highway construction work going on and we were told to simply hang on to our seats as there was hardly any road to drive on.

We had tried to get our tickets canceled, but without any success. So some one hit upon an idea of catching the train at its next stop which happened to be closer than the destination we were heading to. In the meanwhile, we decided to persuade the station master to hold on to our reserved seats and not sell it by the next station at least. Some one had a contact near the station and asked him to go and speak in person. But as our rotten luck would have it we got a big negative as a reply!

We were the first to reach the gate at the bottom and to our rude shock found the gate closed. We were told the contractor for the highway project was doing some checks and he will be the first person to get out of that place.

We begged and pleaded, but with no avail. There was traffic on either side of the road and we had to wait for some one who could take up the whole night if he wanted to. But we were in no position to argue our voice and didn’t want to try our luck raising our voices as we already had a good taste of our luck for the day.

We ended up waiting for another 30-40 minutes and decided that we will try our luck of catching the train at its next stop. As soon as the gates opened, the Schumacher’s in our drivers were unleashed. They zipped and zapped their way through the highway and did not stop anywhere.

We finally reached the small town station and would you believe it some of us even had the time to fill their hungry tummies! When we did catch the train finally we were even more amazed to see that our seats had not been unlawfully occupied. Well, guess we had our luck back and it was about time too! We had a good night’s sleep and a very good story to narrate to our friends.

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