One Unforgettable Trip

Someone rightly said life is full of surprises. I realized they couldn’t have been more truthful especially after having experienced a surprise at the very next turn of our journey.

Our bus was told to go slowly since a truck with logs was taking a difficult turn at the opposite side. Some of us sitting in front got to see it happen. The truck was not just carrying logs, it was overstuffed with it. Some morons had decided to maximize their profits by fattening the load per trip.

Then it happened. The truck decided enough is enough and simply lifted it self skyward (as if protesting to god). In fact, even one of the two wheels at the back had left the ground and it was standing, precariously, on just one wheel and some logs (which had fallen backward). Boy, where we having fun!

Luckily no one was injured. Some of us even got a chance to go back to see how bad it was. We were lucky, to have escaped alive. Had the rope tied around the logs given away, we would have been smashed bang on with all those pile of wood.

This time though, even the world’s most optimistic person (read our driver) had nothing good to say. He said that it might take another 2-3 hours for this mess to be cleared. We understood he meant 2-3 days. We decided to escape from that place before some new calamity took us by surprise. Of course there were always others who were ready for a game of hide-n-seek no matter what the situation was!

One of us managed to catch some jeeps and we proceeded downhill. It was fun to travel with the wind blowing against your chest, but by the time we reached the nearest place from there, we were too hungry for any more fun. One by one, we started having our lunch while others went to speak to some taxi-waalas for bargaining on the rate for our remaining journey (to the station).

The taxi drivers had a field day and decided to make as much use of the situation as they had already got some info on our pathetic situation. We finally decided on some price and hopped on to three different jeeps. We were assured that we will reach the station within time. But I guess none of the assurances given to us on that day was about to come true.

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