One Unforgettable Trip

Our team trip to Munnar-Tekkadi went really well. The accommodation was good, the food was okay, we visited all the spots we wanted and overall the organization was really nice. It was too good to be true, until we started the return journey down hill that is…

We knew we were running a bit late already and only around 10 hours of time left to catch the train at Madurai. The driver informed us that it would take anywhere between 4-5 hours to reach the station and we can catch the train with a lot of spare time left.

Good, that meant we could enjoy at least two good movies in the comfortable bus or a lot of fun playing some games. If you ask both were okay with us. It took a lot of time for us to assemble back at our guest house. There were nearly 25 of us and each decided to form groups and split up on their own. In a way it was like playing hide-n-seek only there was a time limit (which everyone conveniently forgot while doing some last minute shopping). I guess this derailed the whole trip a little bit.

The driver of the bus again told us there is no need to panic as there was still ample time left and in fact offered to stop at some cave or something like that before proceeding downhill. ‘Boy! What fun!‘ we all thought. I guess we were just getting sucked into the fun vacuum all by ourselves.

The cave, if it could be called one, was okay looking from outside. Inside you couldn’t smell any thing other than the stench of what probably was every third traveler’s pi**. We could hardly stand the smell, but some people did manage to stay back and take their snaps. In fact, some people even got a chance to explore the great tunnel!

Of course, we played the game of hide-n-seek here also with as much enthusiasm and innocence as eight year old school children. We should probably have felt the vacuum by then, but being the blissful souls that we were we decided to play it down, despite our driver telling us that we need to hurry up a lil’ bit now.

Then started events, which could hardly be put off as mere coincidences.

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zhangmeng says:

the first paragraph is the best!

Driving Lessons in M says:

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nrajesh says:

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I don't have any other info on this article – just this personal experience to savor!

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