One Last Wave

I stood by the shore,

Wide eyed – in rapt attention;

It was a scene straight from a dream

As I saw the water rise and fall.

A few funny objects would pass by

A torn cloth here and a broken stick there;

A few shells would emerge out of nowhere

Beautiful imperfections – like random thoughts!

There were cheerful noises around

Sounds of children and adults alike;

Few tears that were shed

The hand of god would wipe them away.

Little puddles by my feet

Played a silly peekaboo game;

It was softer than I imagined

The sand that sucked me in.

The game was played in earnest.

I clung on when the water swept me away

And wanted to be swarmed by it when it let go

A moment – my friend and in the next my foe!

Alas! This day too shall pass.

The crowd dwindled, nature lingered;

It was time to leave, but I could not let go

Just one last wave please…

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