Of Marriages And Weddings

Ya both are same… almost. In fact, this is what Wikitionary has to say about the same:


  1. Marriage ceremony; a ritual officially celebrating the beginning of a marriage.
  2. Joining of two or more parts.
    “The wedding of our three companies took place last week.”

marriage (plural: marriages)

  1. The state of being married.
    • Note: For a detailed discussion of marriage as an institution, with its traditions, its norms, and the accompanying legal rights and obligations, please consult the Wikipedia article on marriage.
  2. A wedding.
    • You are cordially invited to the marriage of John Smith and Jane Doe.
  3. A close union.
  4. A joining of two parts.

In addition Wikipedia also says:

Marriage is a relationship between individuals which often forms the foundation of a family.

Guess that makes things clearer. Marriage – Relationship; Wedding – Ceremony.

So why this hogwash about these words? Well, I just got news that one of my colleagues is getting married. That’s good news really. But one amazing trend has been that most of the marriages (4 out of 5) in my ex-project have all been sort of non-traditional – arranged by the bride & groom themselves. (I don’t know about the fourth one, but speculations are it was also a love marriage).

It’s heartening to know that people are becoming more eclectic in finding a right partner nowadays. In fact, the search begins right at the end of teenage, for some people. The thought that worries me most, is the fact that I chose to stay out of this pack – the new breed of modified socialite who is choosy and picky.

Some times I begin to wonder whether I belong to the right place. I don’t have any rich tastes; I am least bothered about the type of music I listen to as long as it is soothing for my ears; My choice of tastiest food would begin and end with curd rice; I don’t take a second look at which dress I am going to wear for an occasion.

I give it up. It’s not going to be very easy for people (read endangered species) like me to come out of their shell and look for a right partner. In this most important phase of life, I’ll leave it to the gods to point a road and say:

Son this was the shortest route we could come up with. See you soon!


maddy says:

hey gajamjust the other day sujam and i were discussing about who will be the first person to get married in our group. sujam had predicted that it would be "you". i suppose i have to agree with him after reading this entry! Well to be serious, what you are essentially practising is "karma yoga" i.e. u are doing your duty without any expectations or results. So do not worry as u said u can as well leave it to the gods 🙂

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