Of Birth And Death

Human beings are such strange little creatures. They are so very easily cheated by the twin phenomenon of birth and death. They laugh and celebrate birth, cry and despise death. They feel so very safe in their tiny little shelters which they call as their home.

And they try to live a journey in between the cunning twin siblings – a journey which they so affectionately coin as life; a life which they manage to clutter, with morals, values and relationships.

And they are so very confident that these set of moral rules will lead them to the immortal hand which has forged them. Ha! I really don’t think the so called god would have had the same thing in mind when these humans were pushed down from heaven or whichever higher altar it may be.

When comparing the twins in respect of strength one can hardly make a misjudgment. Humans are surrounded by death in so many forms. Every single invention of theirs leads to their very destruction in one way or another.

Sometimes, I really wonder why the puny little planet is still not gobbled up in a massive astronomical phenomenon or squashed under some super natural force! Just think about it! There are trillions of destructive forces (astronomically speaking) happening in this wide space and over the billions of years of its existence, the planet remains unscathed?! I guess humans can call themselves lucky in this aspect.

But why should the master be very considerate to something as highly imperfect as the upright beings? Probably, the lord got so frustrated by this grotesque creation that the entire planet was abandoned. Guess it is a clear case of mass cover up!

Think about it again. “The very fact that intelligent life exists somewhere in this universe is that it has never tried to contact humans” (thanks Calvin).

Yet there are these religions which speak so profoundly of one true light; the soul of the universe; the perfect being. Guess these are just last minute amends on the side of these despicable creatures.

So where did we come from? That’s easy to answer. And where the heck are we going? God only knows!


ratish says:

🙂 i like those calvin's wordsbut somewhere it wud come a proof likethe very proof for the fact that int…but i guess he has not lost his hope yet:)

Hariram says:

Rightly said about birth and death — Patanjali makes clear in the Yoga sutras and mentions about five sufferings one of which is termed ABHINIVESHA or fear of death — this is but natural in an ignorant as well as learned scholar too (who knows that the self never has birth or death).As to where did we come from???? And where are we going????We will keep on thinking about coming and going so long as we think there is somewhere to be reached. Once this concept which is a creation of the mind is removed, it will dawn that there is neither coming nor going but there is only pure BEING!!!

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