Nürnberg Volksfest

I guess it would be fair to say the fun began earlier than expected! I encountered this train at the Nürnberg bahnhoff – something from a mini-folk tale I would rather say :o)

The entrance to the fest unfolded with a brilliant view of what lay inside. Never had I imagined a fest could be on such a grand scale. Be it the rides or shops, volksfest offered more than I had bargained for from a simple fair! In fact it had a good balance between the real cute rides, the usual ones and the really hairy-scary ones

Of course we didn’t have the heart (or age 😉 ) to try all the rides, so we simply stuck on to the more palpable ones 😀 It wasn’t the rides alone that attracted so much attention from us; I mean there were shops too 🙂 After doing three rounds of the whole park we were too damn tired and the imbiss and eateries became our hunting ground.

Of course it wouldn’t do justice if I don’t mention the most attractive piece (at least for me) in the whole fest! I was attracted to the massive structure of the giant wheel even before I got in it to see the amazing view from top. So I’ll leave you with pictures of this one taken during day and by night along with other pics I will remember this trip by 🙂


priya says:

The pictures were superb.Hope u'll come here to Bahrain to see the rides we have over here.

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