Nürnberg Tiergarten

I must admit I am not a big fan of Zoos! I think I have hardly been to just one or two of these in my life. But my recent visit to the Nürnberg Tiergarten was such simple fun I am wondering why I have skipped the visits to these wonderful places during all my earlier trips!

The zoo is not just a place for the kids, it can be a wonderful place for the family to spend an entire day; provided it stays warm like it did during our visit 😉 Watching wild animals in a habitat that has been maintained as close as it can get to their natural settings is such a unique experience. What definitely adds to the fun is the amount of great photos that you can pull with a decent DSLR!

Be it the Giraffes or the Ostritches or the Kangaroos there were enough entertainment and sights to keep us moving. There were also a variety of monkeys and parakeets and fishes that made us forget our tiredness with their wild antics!

I really enjoyed the show at the Dolphinarium. The seals and the dolphins were simply too good to watch doing highly improbable stunts that sometimes made us wonder whether they are really just mammals with 5 senses! Their extraordinary agility and superb talent kept the audience spell bound for half an hour.

While the Seals stole the show the Dolphin’s were a class of their own!

We proceeded to have a quick look at the various other attractions including the “Polar Zone” which included few polar bears, some huge seals and penguins. Finally we saw the wild cats enjoying their summer siesta.

I don’t think we got a chance to see all the attractions of this park but with a baby in hand you don’t want to risk spending too much time outside your home. Maybe he was the only one amongst us to whom it made the least difference whether it was a lion or a deer that was in the cage! But it was certainly a good feeling to take him out our usual walking zones 🙂 As for me what was really great about this trip was the low amount of planning and the even lower costs involved during the whole afternoon!

Here are some images to boot

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