Nothing But The Truth

Remember this:

When truth decides to speak out,
It leaves nothing unanswered.
Like the sun wiping out darkness,
It clears your doubts and calms your soul.

When lust and greed surround you,
When temptation lures you to dusk,
Take a look around and relax.
Truth walks just by your side.

Truth ridicules the pain and agony,
That you had to suffer
At the hands of the untrue; within a moment’s glance,
It delivers a fatal blow to the unjust.

It cleanses you of filth,
Killing the fear within;
When truth decides to roam free,
Can the lies and deceit torture thee?

And when you feel you’ve lost,
Just when things start caving in,
The just truth supports your hope,
Holding your hand in time of need!

The unfair finds a way to rise again.
For this game is set to go on and on.
Little does it learn from lessons of past,
That truth never fails in deliverance.

So wake up, you son of god!
When in question, when in doubt,
When desperation and worries stalk you
Never let go of your one virtue – honesty!


Hariram says:

What is the relation between TRUTH and HONESTY (the poem starts with truth and ends with honesty)???

nrajesh says:

Honesty posseses Truth and is contained in it.

Narayan says:

Isn't truth all we are seeking… had a moment of dispair last nite. This poem is a boost indeed! In all honesty (no pun intended), I believe the truth will set us free and will seek the seeker someway, somehow, in some shape!Thanks for this great poem!LoveSriram

nrajesh says:

Am glad u liked it 🙂

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