New Year 2015 at Bangalore

It’s the end of another year and as is my tradition for past several years it is time to write a yearly write up. But then again, I was traveling around on new year’s eve and so wished to write a travelogue as well. Why not just club these together?

2014 was a good year to lose. New things hardly materialized. Each day was like an added weight tied to the leg. I do remember us making a trip to Coorg. But that was such a dreary travel, the less I speak about it the better! The only other memorable events were celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday, where my sis helped arrange handful of surprises for mom and my first visit to a stadium to watch a live game.

Apart from these events, everything else was a routine. But even for someone like me who enjoys a planned day, things were getting predictable genuinely boring!

So at the end of the year we decided to make another trip to break away from routine. However, unlike my previous trips I had no planned itinerary. But that was the idea – take on a little bit of unknown. With so many familiar faces and a metropolitan atmosphere, Bangalore was a natural choice. We just hoped this trip did not go afoul like our previous visit to Karnataka!

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