Mysore Trip

We were joined by my cousin who felt he had not seen enough of the outside world since he joined Infy. So off we went to enjoy the evening in the flowery world. The sunset was beautiful…

KRS is a mini world of water–>flowers–>more flowers–>colorful waters –> dancing waters .

Tourists throng the place in the evenings to witness the magical event of dancing fountain. I am just attaching the above video to show the colorful fountains and the wondrous dancing fountain.

Once the show was over a tired bunch retired back to the campus, had a sumptuous pizza dinner and the three of us headed back home.

The next day we spent some time chatting in the morning before me and my mom (accompanied by my fiancee of course) headed to the station to catch the train back home!

Here are some pics that I will forever associate with Mysore in my memory!

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