Mysore Trip

We then left for Srirangapatna, a place that was ruled by Tipu Sultan before it fell during a battle with the British force more than a century ago. We could still see tattletale signs of how much Tipu’s name was imprinted on the soil. Even a run down palace was being preserved and kept out of bounds for visitors!

We visited his summer palace which had been converted to a museum; again no photography allowed inside the museum and rightly so for there were far too many fickle artifacts, which looked as if they could have crumbled to dust had a small gust of wind or a sudden burst of light had fallen on top of them!

The place was surrounded by greenery. A perfect tourist spot’ is the thought that comes to my mind when describing this isolated attraction. The park which surrounded this ex- rest house just added more to its beauty.

After a quick lunch we were off again to visit another temple – the Sriranganathar koil. This was the biggest of the three temples and was attracting a more than fair share of foreigners.

I and my mom then visited the ‘Rangana Thittu’ Bird Sanctuary – a name which reminded me of some forgotten chapters in my Geography text book!

The sanctuary was good; the only bad thing was our timing. I can’t put in words, how dumb an idea it was to expect thousands of birds to return to their nests in the afternoon. But still that’s what we did and I wasn’t to be disappointed either for I did manage to spot one or two birds and several hundred bats across a small lake!

We then went straight to the place that I was most eager to visit during the whole trip – the Infy campus at Mysore.

After going through only half the DC we were more than tired but still had one more big place to go Krishna Raj Sagar Dam (KRS)/ Brindavan Gardens Dancing fountains.

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