Mysore Trip

Guess it’s a long time pending from my side – my jolly good trip to Mysore. What was really good about this trip was not just that the place was awesome and welcome break from mundane life, but also the fact that I happened to travel with my mom after a looooooooong time and more importantly get to know my fianceĆ© much better (which I believe was the actual reason for accompanying me on this).

Okay I won’t be rambling about how we spent the time but would be more focused on where and when. First up was a nice settling down and refreshing time, after a 10 hour train trip, at my fianceĆ©’s place. She had gone back to her work and had decided to join us after we were all geared up to go.

The first place we went to was the palace in Mysore. It was a nice place, had the right number of tourists; but unfortunately no cameras allowed inside the palace! I don’t know what they were thinking; was a little bit somber thinking all my plans with my digi-cam that had been bought down! They even made us switch off our mobiles! But thankfully, I still managed to use my mobile cam once outside the premises and was at least able to shoot some photos of the grandeur of the palace.

Next we left for Chamundi temple. Being a Friday it was also considered as an auspicious thing. It was a really nice, calm place up the hill. After that the girls decided to do a bit of shopping leaving the poor guy to himself!

After getting back to our shelter, I met up with my college mate and spent a jolly one hour with him; yup my schedule was rather tight – believe me! The next day being a working day again for her, I and my mom were left to roam around the beautiful place with a helpful cabbie. We decided to visit Nimishamba temple – one of those picture perfect and tranquil places on a river bank that you get to see in novels and movies but never in real life.

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Harini says:

Mappillai… enjoy!!All the best and wish you good luck for the ceremony of ceremonies.

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